Steven Di Pietro

I’m cycling for sick kids at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

I've never had a kid sick enough to be hospitalised for anything serious.  I can't imagine.

So I'm doing my own little bit and cycling 132 km from Kiama to Randwick children's hospital on 6 May to raise awareness for this awesome hospital.

I don't "have" to raise funds to do the ride, but if you have a couple of bucks to throw their way, I'd love to send them your money.

Every year, more than 69,000 seriously ill and injured children from around NSW are cared for by Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. I’m fundraising to help provide clinical care that these children need now, so they have the best possible treatment and Hospital experience and helping to invest in research that will change and save more lives in the future.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Steven Di Pietro


Matthew O'hare

Great effort Steve for a great cause


Nicky Barrell

Good luck Steve, what a great cause and look forward to seeing you again in May.


Steve Cario


Helen Macdonald

Great effort, Steven! :)


Mick Cuda


Dona Damico

Great cause Steve. Pedal hard!



Happy Riding!


Michael Kusi-appauh

Great stuff, Zio!


Steven Di Pietro